Curve & you

Curve and You is created by a student who is working 24/7 for her dream job. Curve and You makes their candles with European Rapeseed wax. The Rapeseed wax is build and made in Europe. Rapeseed wax is vegan, cruelty free and healthier then Paraffin. It does not include chemicals. If we have to compare it with Soy wax, we prefer Rapeseed wax because it is healthier. Everything we use in the process is vegan and cruelty free. Our wicks and our packaging materials are cotton and from cardboard. With all kind of vegan wax it's possible to have frosting on our candles. Frosting looks like white bubbles on the candles but that's ok. Every candle is unique :) Be aware! Darker the candle, more the frosting!

Why Rapeseed wax?

Rapeseed wax is fully vegan and biologic. So after you burn your candle you can easily throw it in the green container.

Rapeseed wax is free of genetic manipulated and free of toxic chemicals.

Rapeseed candles last longer and cleaner.

Rapeseed wax is not toxic, but of course u can't eat it :)