Apothecary glass candle chamomile & fig


€ 26,50

Paddywax candles are made with handpoured high quality soy wax and cotton wick. Apothecary collection is defined by the glass bottle inspired by the vintage apothecary bottle. Subtle and powerful at the same time, the scent lingers even after blowing out the candle.

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Some of these moments are small: cooking dinner with a loved one, your comfy reading chair, late night talks in the backyard with friends.Some of these moments are big: marrying your best friend, singing for a first birthday, toasting to a retirement.
These are the moments we never want to forget. Set them in stone (or more appropriately: in wax) with the alluring fragrance of a Paddywax candle!
Apothecary glass candle chamomile & fig