Apothecary glass candle Tobacco & Patchouli large


€ 69,95

Height: 22 cm

200 hours

Old-world apothecary bottles are filled with the perfect remedy of fragrance in this vintage-inspired collectio.Paddywax Amber & Smoke Candle is amber & smoke fragrance notes, hand-poured with Paddywax signature soy wax, into a vintage apothecary bottle.Paddy wax Apothecary Glass Candle is a luxurious hand-poured candle with a therapeutic earthy scent.Beautifully presented in a vintage inspired apothecary jar, Apothecary Glass Candle feature's Paddywax's signature Soy Wax blend which burns evenly and offers up to 200 hours of indulgent fragrance.When lit, Apothecary Glass Candle creates a beautiful soft glow through the deep amber glass to warm the atmosphere of any room.Tip: When the last flicker of light has gone out why not reuse the amber apothecary jar as a small vase or for storing everyday essentials.

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Some of these moments are small: cooking dinner with a loved one, your comfy reading chair, late night talks in the backyard with friends.Some of these moments are big: marrying your best friend, singing for a first birthday, toasting to a retirement.
These are the moments we never want to forget. Set them in stone (or more appropriately: in wax) with the alluring fragrance of a Paddywax candle!
Apothecary glass candle Tobacco & Patchouli large Apothecary glass candle Tobacco & Patchouli large Apothecary glass candle Tobacco & Patchouli large