Birds pramstring blossom brease, old pink & anthracite


€ 34,50

  • The bird pramstring from Bezisa is made with a number of interactive pieces, to which you can shake and feel small, or can look at them endlessly. The composition varies per color (collection). For example, the ocher yellow and the pistachio have a bell at the end.
  • Each car tensioner has been designed with care. Our goal is to design toys that attract enough attention to really discover, concentrate and develop, but also allow you to sleep peacefully. The colors and shapes we use and the serene sound of rattling wood match this.
  • The wooden rings and beads are made of birch wood from sustainably planted forests in Europe. The felt is pure virgin wool which is colored with natural materials. This beautiful material is dirt-repellent and non-flammable.

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More about Bezisa

Besiza is a brand, born out of the love for her children. Inspiring them to love, be passionate, and to chase their dreams.

All products are 100% organic, BPA free and non toxic.

Birds pramstring blossom brease, old pink & anthracite