Led bird white

House of disaster

€ 15,95

Mini bird LED lamp. This little bird looks great switched on or off and the soft light means it works well as a night light too.LED bulb with switch underneath. Power with 3 button batteries or USB port - cable included (can be used with a USB plug).Size: H10,5cm W9cm L17cm. Cable length 155cm

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Welcome to the fashion world of House of disaster .

With over 20 years of textile design experience, House of disaster never fail to come up with new, funky and simply gorgeous bags and fashion accessories. You can now enjoy a wide selection of their most popular ranges, including brand new additions to 2013.

Born in the summer of 89 in a haze of tie dye and a tangle of dream catchers, Disaster has reinvented itself through the trends and fads of the last 20 plus years, defining itself always as a lover of quirky and unusual things.

Always true to the current trends and fashion must-haves, each collection from Disaster Designs is unique, decorative and aimed at stressing one's individuality. With designs ranging from vintage inspired Paper Plane & Dandy, through the elegant Songbird to the completely distinctive Hola range, you are sure to find something you'll love and show off whenever you're out and about.

Led bird white Led bird white