Nurture - 100% naturel eau de parfum

Gray Label

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The perfume is called Nurture. It is a soft, calming fragrance that reminds a mother to take care of herself while also taking care of her little one. Nurture is developed in cooperation with natural perfume house Abel Odor, a beautiful brand that, similar to Gray Label, creates pure products that enhance rather than cloud ones’ personalities. Working with Abel led to a very special story, actually. Abel normally works with ‘nose’ Isaac Sinclair, but now his partner, the French perfumer Fanny Grau, was pregnant while this project started. We felt an instant match and Fanny expecting her second son while working on Nurture made her the perfect ‘nose’ to create the scent.
Fanny selected only the best non-allergenic, natural ingredients, both for the beauty of their scent profile as well as their healing properties. Calming rose, energising orange blossom and ginger for its anti-nausea properties and sandalwood for grounding. The result is amazing.It’s really a perfume created by mothers, for mothers.

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More about Gray Label

How exciting to introduce you to Gray Label: organic apparel for the little minimalist. Gray Label is an Amsterdam based label designed by Emily Gray, for babies and kids aged zero to eight.
The collection consists of a year-round line of quality basics that are contemporary yet timeless & unisex, with seasonal additions. Only the softest 100 % organic fabrics available are used, to ensure everyday comfort and practicality.
We like simplicity in a world that is overloaded with bright colours, ‘cute’ teddies and busy prints on shirts. Focusing instead on colours and designs that would even make grown-ups a bit envious.
We hope your little one enjoys wearing the garments as much as we love making them!
Love, Emily Gray
Nurture - 100% naturel eau de parfum Nurture - 100% naturel eau de parfum