Scarf Gustave sand


The merinowool makes sure your little one will stay warm enough.

Size 1-6year

Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merinowool (oeko-tex,mulesing free).

It's not necessary to wash merinowool frequently. This fiber is selfcleaning.

It's perfect to just air outside.

Otherwise wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of MAX.20°

Use a wool detergent to wash

Machinewash only on a WOOLPROGRAM 20°,low speed, at one's own risk as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.

Merinowool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and therefor perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin

Made in Belgium


SCARF GUSTAVE SAND 1 5404027802886

SCARF GUSTAVE SAND 2 5404027802886

SCARF GUSTAVE SAND 3 5404027802886

SCARF GUSTAVE SAND 4 5404027802886

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