Teddy Tokki grey melange


€ 35,00

Tokki is the newest teddybear from Hvid.
The ultrasoft merinowool takes the scent of your baby and creates peace and trust.Made out of 100% supersoft merinowool, stuffed with wool.Merinowol doesn't itch and is antibacterial and therefor perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.
The knitting process is with the machine, finishings by hand.
dimensions: 35 cm tall- 28 cm widthavailable in different colours
Made in BelgiumOutside: 100% merinowolfilling: 100% wolwashing: handwash only

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More about Hvid

Immerse yourself in the warm luxury of our soft knitted goods.
From day one, we aim to create long-lasting quality textiles, made only from natural fibres by artisans located in Belgium. Our timeless designs feel at home everywhere and ask to be touched.
Our goal is to ethically create quality-made goods. Pure and kind.
Our textiles bring a luxurious softness into your daily life. A delicate touch after a hard day’s work, a warm embrace on a winter’s eve or a soothing nest for your little one. We use 100% Merino wool because it’s comforting and will last a lifetime. You might even want to pass on your beloved blanket, when your daughter leaves the house or when a special friend moves abroad. After a while, your Hvid favourite will be coloured with memories.
Just like you, we care about the small things in life and we only want what’s best for our loved ones and nature. That’s why all your precious Hvid textiles are made in Belgium by craftsmen who take pride in creating something beautiful and sustainable. We create new patterns and tangible experiences in both gentle and bold colours for you to cherish.
When the Danish speak of ‘hvid', they speak of the purest colour of all: white. A colour as fresh as snow and soft as milk. Every design you hold close has been first made in pure white. By doing so, we are able to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and find the perfect weight. The balanced result looks so elegant and feels so heartwarming you will want to keep it close forever.
Hvid sprung from the heart of Caroline Camerlynck. Before her knitted goods travel to your home she checks every detail. Creating designs that are sensitive and timeless, Camerlynck's search for warmth and softness has brought the designer to the creation of these delicate textiles, that comfort you in so many ways.
"As long as I remember I’m under the spell of mathematical shapes. Repetition gives me inner peace and recurs throughout my professional and personal life. I always work with repetitive shapes in my designs for Hvid, while my textile installations turn the slow and repeating act of the knitting into a ritual.”
Caroline Camerlynck
Teddy Tokki grey melange