Wooden pramstring pink


€ 28,50

  • All our designs are designed so that they are nice to hold. They are made from carefully selected materials that are safe to bite on. Each item contains surprising elements that provide hours of fun while continuing to stimulate sensory and motor development. In addition, the different textures can provide relief for the coming teeth, at any age.
  • Because of the quiet design, babies do not easily become overstimulated and it is also possible for the babies to sleep peacefully without having to remove the car tensioner. The serene sound of wood increases the joy of playing but is also soothing.
  • Made of wooden beads and rings from sustainably maintained forests from Europe (France), with the PEFC ST quality mark.
  • Size is about 42 cm.
  • At the ends are stainless steel clips. To attach it, you attach it to the fabric or edge of the pram.
  • The clips on the ends of the tensioners are not made for playing and / or for chewing. Because we believe safety is important, we advise the child never to leave unattended with the toy. Check the toy regularly for wear. If it shows defects, throw it away and / or contact us.

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Besiza is a brand, born out of the love for her children. Inspiring them to love, be passionate, and to chase their dreams.

All products are 100% organic, BPA free and non toxic.

Wooden pramstring pink