Birth list

Buying a gift for someone?

Want to make your own birth list?

Future moms and dads, congrats!

At Studio Aimée you can create a birthlist with a minimum of 10 products on it. Clothes, seasonable products, articles in promotion, outlet and articles that were ordered for you do have to be purchased. For all other items there is no obligation to buy. You don't have to take them when they are not sold.

Take a look at our site, put all the articles you wish to have on your birthlist in the shopping cart. When checking out use couponcode BIRTHLIST (it will give you a reduction of 100%) and choose the option to pick up your goodies at Studio Aimée. So, you just created your birthlist. Within 24 hours you will receive an email from us to confirm your birthlist.

Our birthlist can only be entered by login and password. Password and login will be sent to you on time so they can be printed on your birthcard. Family and friends can buy from your list and leave a personal message when checking out. They don't pay for shipping. We will send all gifts to you for free. After two to three months your list will be closed.

You will receive a 10% percent discount on the amount spent in the form of a purchase coupon. (only if a minimum of 10 articles are purchased and when the articles that needed to be purchased are purchased ). This coupon remains valid.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to mail us at info@studioaimee.com or give us a call at +32 472 99 13 00.

Check our example list to create your ideal list.
Our birth list can only be entered by login and password!