Dufte Manufaktur

DUFTE Manufaktur creates candles by hand using purely natural ingredients. The raw materials are chosen with great care and are natural and regional as much as possible. But not all ingredients, such as shea butter, grow here in Germany - DUFTE pays attention to organic quality here.

Every candle and is made by hand by Justine personally with a lot of love and even more joy. Before the products leave the DUFTE manufactory, each one is carefully packed by hand - without plastic! Purely natural packaging materials such as cardboard or wood wool are used.

All raw materials are fairly produced and are processed personally by Justine. All products are free from animal testing, plastic, palm oil, soy, phthalate, parabens and paraffins.

FRAGRANT candles are poured into recycled wine and beer bottles obtained from restaurants. After your candle has burned down, you can use the glass as a drinking glass, for example.

Did you know that the nose is the only sensory organ that sends its impulses directly to the brain? Without going through nerve cells. As soon as we smell them, they create feelings and bring back memories. Smells make us feel good, catapult us back to childhood, let us relax, travel with us to distant countries or influence our mood. Isn't that FRAGRANCE?