Right of withdrawal

If the customer, for whatever reason, does not wish to retain the products, the customer can invoke the right of withdrawal and has the right to return the products to Studio Aimée within 14 days as from the day following on the delivery of the product. The customer must follow all return conditions and instructions stipulated by Studio Aimée.

The customer should inform our customer service thereof by e-mail or by mail (GCV Maridid, Sint-Aldeondisstraat 38 3400 Landen – Belgium).

If our customer service approves your request, it will provide you by e-mail with instructions for the return of the products. Return the products but please ensure that the products are packaged appropriately. You are not obligated to use the original package.

We will in any case only approve requests for return if the product has not been worn or washed, or if the customer has not attempted to mend or alter the product in any way. Return products will only be accepted if they are sent in the original, undamaged wrapping and the labels are still attached to the products and if it concerns a complete product (for example, the two elements of a pair must be returned together). Exclusion of the right of withdrawal is possible for products which are custom made/ordered for the client (such as completed or redeemed vouchers or coupons) and which can not be exchanged for hygienic reasons such as swimwear and underwear.

Furthermore, the shipping costs of the returned merchandise will be entirely paid for by the customer. Under no circumstances will Studio Aimée reimburse the shipping costs of returned merchandise. If the return instructions have been followed accurately, Studio Aimée will reimburse the customer for the returned product(s) within 14 days after receiving but shipping fees shall not be refunded. When your order was shipped for free but you wish to cancel the entire order, the full amount will be credited minus the shipping costs.

For return orders outside EU, please always mention return outside of the package and mark the return box on your customs declaration form. This to avoid import duties for Studio Aimée on the returned products. Return or exchange parcels without the return notice and with custom charges, will not be accepted and not be payed by Studio Aimée. All custom charges are for your own account.