Selva Sauvage

Dare to discover

SELVA (“jungle”) SAUVAGE (“wild”), offers easy to wear clothing for children, inspired by nature, beautiful places and people around the world. Every piece of clothing is crafted with adventurous children in mind, running wild and free, exploring their surroundings in comfortable, playful clothing with a timeless feel.

Passionate about beauty in every form and inspired by travels around the globe, selva sauvage combines elements from nature with a bohemian design aesthetic and soft, organic fabrics in natural tones.

Slow fashion

SELVA SAUVAGE stays away from rapidly changing fashion trends. Instead, we make a conscious choice for slow fashion, worn throughout the seasons. SELVA SAUVAGE is working towards an all-embracing collection, including accessories and swimwear. Timeless, effortless and in line with nature’s pace.

Making earth wilder and greener

With a profound respect for the earth’s natural resources, we carefully select our suppliers and work as much as possible with premium, eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton. Our buttons in hemp or shell, instead of plastic, are just a small example of our continuous search to leave as little waste as possible, minimizing the impact on our beautiful planet.

We support WeForest. For every piece of clothing that is purchased, a tree is planted in Brazil or India. Together with WeForest, SELVA SAUVAGE is quite literally creating its own ‘wild jungle’.


We believe in fair wages and an adequate work environment for everyone involved in creating our collection. In collaboration with non-profit organizations, our knitwear is produced by local women in Peru and our handwoven fabrics are produced in India, ensuring a fair and steady income for the workers and their families.

Making the earth wilder and greener, in a conscious and ethical way, one beautiful piece at a time.

We hope you enjoy!